Hereditary Retinal Disorders

Manhattan Hereditary Retinal Disorders

Hereditary retinal disorders are a broad group of hereditary disorders affecting the retina. These disorders cause severe vision loss and often progress slowly.

Retinitis Pigmentosa is perhaps the best known hereditary retinal disorder and is sometimes inaccurately used as a symptom for some other condition in this category. Right now, there are at least 242 known retinal genetic disorders. Diagnosis of many of these conditions is made during a clinical exam with subjective testing. This is essential given the genetic implications and helps differentiate retinal disease from choroidal disease.

Often, doctors will diagnose a genetic disease using one of the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Fundus photography, which takes a picture of the retina.
  • Electroretinogram (ERG), which measures the electrical responses of various cells in the retina.
  • Pedigree analysis, to determine the probable mode of inheritance.
  • Dark adaptation, (rod function) and visual field test (central and peripheral vision).

These disorders are chronic and cannot be cured. Management of these conditions revolves around early diagnosis and specialized genetic counselling in order manage symptoms. Low vision aids and mobility training are often utilized as management tools.

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